About Us

The PattyAngels Foundation in its re-affirmative has resolved to protect the vulnerable disadvantaged, and less privileged children in Nigeria; whose lives are characterised by neglects, beliefs, and doctrines due to the negative influence from the society. This re-affirms our support to humanity, as “What is given should never be a function of what is received or stand to receive rather a reflection of who we are”.

Our vision is driven by a passionate belief that if we could contribute as well as take up responsibilities towards protecting the disadvantaged and less previledged children; morally, socially, healthier lifestyle and enhancing their education, we would be certain of children who stand qualified to be called leaders of tomorrow because “A Healthy child’s population reflects the health of the planet on which our future depends.


We are passionately committed in our quest of servitude to humanity because we believe in the equilibrium of choice upon which the mantra of love and compassion co-exist.


A child's world without want.


  1. Create a ripple of passionate individual that shares our aspirations.
  2. Providing continuing educational and aid support to beneficiaries after placement to ensure a successful adoptive program
  3. Connect with other support groups that assist and adopt under privileged children to promote adoption worldwide.
  4. Enjoy the connection we all share with children and each other which is a significant task of supporting a  child in need.
  5. Arranging activities with intent to build an institutionalized capacity for acquired skills and development.
  6. Seek collarbortion with other grant makers and international agencies to enhance our program sustainability.


  • Enhancing moral value of disadvantaged children through educational support, and healthcare initiatives.
  • Ensuring care and career development at targeted beneficiaries.
  • Build a cultre of social inclusion and community participation in innovative self suffiicency programs.
  • Create intervention campaigns and programs while working with community based groups.
  • Identifying and responding to opportunities to show commitment to our society and its needs.
  • Beneficiaries and proffering solution to their challenges.

About The Founder

The PATTYANGELS Foundation Committment is to improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged children by supporting health care and education intervention. The foundation was Established in 2015 by a lady whose passion and love for children has imprinted her signature coture in the lives of those she’s impacted both in her career as a proffesional childcare practitioner and as a nurse in the United Kingdom. The Foundation in its quest to servitiude became fully operational in 2017 to enhancing educational support, health care intiative and skills development